The Doppler Quarterly Winter 2018 - Page 25

Taming Azure with Cloud Agnostic DevOps Tools Karthik Ramamoorthy A guide to help you maintain end-to-end automation, and to build reliable, repeatable and maintainable infrastructure in Azure. Cloud DevOps tools and ecosystems have matured. We are at a tipping point, as we can now deploy multi-regional data centers with production-ready applications in a matter of hours. Over the past few months CTP has imple- mented such transformations in AWS, and we recently adopted the same strat- egy to deploy on Azure in a more cloud agnostic way. In order to execute at a faster pace, we made a few key technology decisions to let us make large strides with Azure. This article reviews the technical facets of those decisions. Zero Touch Deployments The primary goal of the project is to build an end-to-end solution with almost zero touch deployment. The solution should cover: 1. Image lifecycle management (ILM) 2. Infrastructure management 3. Logging and monitoring 4. Security and compliance 5. Application deployment To meet the CISO requirements, any Azure marketplace image needs to be hardened. The Chef marketplace holds some interesting cookbooks to harden both Linux and Windows images. A combination of Packer and Chef solo can be used to harden the marketplace images and publish as custom VHDs. Down the line, once the Jenkins is provisioned, it will be used to automate the ILM. WINTER 2018 | THE DOPPLER | 23