The Doppler Quarterly Winter 2016 - Page 54

With these platforms, the customers were abstracting away all of the IT plumb- ing (network, compute, storage) and providing their developers with an agile development environment with policies and controls baked in. Docker enables developers to quickly and easily assemble and integrate many different tech- nologies that can scale and work across multiple cloud or non-cloud environ- ments without a heavy reliance on people manually configuring and managing these highly complex architectures. 2) New Kind of PaaS What the folks at Docker learned from being a pure play PaaS player in the dot- Cloud days is that enterprises are really complex beasts with a lot of legacy sys- tems and far too many permutations of technologies for a one size fits all PaaS solution. Traditional PaaS solutions make sense for some workloads and some organizations but many enterprises don’t want to be constrained by the limita- tions of pure PaaS solutions. Also, not all legacy workloads and investments in older technology stacks migrate well to PaaS. With Docker, companies are choosing to “roll their own” platforms with fewer constraints while being inclu- sive of their existing technology stacks. This is a much different approach than trying to migrate old systems into the constraints of a pure play PaaS solution. Sure, some companies want simplicity and are willing to work within the con- straints of a PaaS solution, but many others would rather invest in customizing their platform to their exact requirements. In the past this customization was complex, expensive and time consuming. Today, Docker makes it feasible and even easy. 3) Dealing with Lock-in Another pushback enterprises often have with PaaS and IaaS is the fear of lock-in. Although there is no way to totally avoid lock-in, Docker just intro- duced a pluggable framework where a customer can pick and choose any ser- vices within Docker or integrate “plug in” services from other providers. Some services that Docker offers are load balancing, service discovery, and authentication. A \Y\X^H[XYH]H[[\Y[܈HY\[H܈HY\[Y[[[][ۈ܈]HHYYܛۈ]][X][ۈ][ۈ]^B[]\YK]H]Y[\]X\KH\Y\[\[KBH[Y[ZH\[ۈHY\Y\X\YY]H\]Z\[Y[قZ\\\Y]ܛK]\\[Y\[Z[HY\][قXX[ۈXݙHZ\^\[XT[XXT^Y\[ܙX]HHܝKB]HܝܚY[[[H[\ۛY[ [X [[]\HXZ܂XT^Y\\[XYH[Yܘ]Y]\ HXYYܞB\[H܈X[HS\]HHXYY][ۈ\H][\˜Z[][ۜ[\Hۈ[H[\X\KS[]\YHXX˜Y\]X\XHX[][ZH[X[]H[]]قLHTST M