The Doppler Quarterly Winter 2016 - Page 41

As with any development process, there are more details that you need to understand to master building and running Docker images and containers. In many respects, the success of containers and Docker has been around the ease of development. As the standard and product progresses, things will likely get even easier A Container In Every Shop The tendency is to think that new ways of building systems will be the way that we build systems for years to come. While that hasn’t been the case in the past, it could be the case with containers. Containers deliver a standard, useful enabling technology and provide a path to application architecture that offers both managed distribution and service orientation. We’ve been trying to reach this state for years but have yet to succeed. Perhaps what’s most compelling is the portability advantage of containers, and that remains the battle cry of container technology providers these days. I suspect that if this momentum continues, containers will be a part of most IT shops in the future—whether they’re moving to the cloud or not. The viability and versatility of this technology will be something that we continue to explore and exploit over the next several years. Count on the fact that a few mistakes will be made, but the overall impact of containers is a foregone conclusion. WINTER 2016 | THE DOPPLER | 39