The Doppler Quarterly Winter 2016 - Page 33

tomers rather than in building infrastructure. The breadth and depth of Cloud technology offers import- ant benefits to us, namely: • Velocity – The ability to provision on the fly is huge for our productivity and speed to market. • Elasticity – With meaningful swings in demand (e.g. Black Friday and Cyber Monday) the ability to expand dynamically is critical. • Security – Because we operate in an industry that attracts cybercriminals of all kinds, secu- rity is vitally important to us, and we can now manage data security at a more granular level. • Availability – We engineer for high availability and Cloud technology provides the ability to have multiple layers of resiliency. Interested in Learning More? Capital One has made great strides and investments to become a software tech company, utilizing AWS and Cloud technology is just one of them. As we’re transforming the industry, we’re also transforming our technology organization. We’re increasing in-house engineering teams and reducing dependen- cies on licensed software built by third parties. Our engineers create solutions that drive the future of banking using modern technology and data solutions like Open Source, Cloud, Big Data, APIs, etc. See how Capital One is using AWS as a technology strategy. This post was originally published by Capital One, October 27, 2015. • Tools/Products – The pace of innovation of ser- vices on the AWS platform is a big draw for us, especially the development of services for large enterprises. • Talent – Our forward-leaning approach to Cloud technology helps us attract great talent and we have thousands of jobs we need to fill with Cloud engineers WINTER 2016 | THE DOPPLER | 31