The Doppler Quarterly Winter 2016 - Page 32

Why Capital One Attended Rob Alexander, CIO I felt extremely privileged to have the opportunity to represent Capital One as part of this year’s keynote at AWS re:Invent this October. Most people know Capi- tal One as a credit card company, and we’re one of the largest in the US with more than 65 million accounts. Some also know that we’re one of the nation’s largest banks – number 7 in the U.S. by assets - and that we’re the nation’s leading digital bank. Few realize, however, that underpinning our credit card and banking services is a technology company. I was honored to help introduce the re:Invent attend- ees to this critical, but often less seen, face of Capital One. Our products are intangible: software and data. Our customers overwhelmingly apply for our prod- ucts through digital channels and are serviced through those channels. Digital is truly changing the way we interact with our money, and what is espe- cially striking is the degree to which mobile has become the preferred channel of interaction for our customers. In fact our customers now use our mobile apps twice as frequently than online. We’re An Innovative Technology Company Since our business is really about building digital experiences, we have to be great at building software and leveraging data to be the leaders in digital bank- ing. At Capital One, it isn’t enough to have a slightly better IT shop than other banks. We have to be a great technology company. This means modeling 30 | THE DOPPLER | WINTER 2016 ourselves on the best technology organizations out there, including: • Massively investing in top engineering talent; • Building software collaboratively, leveraging open source software and contributing back to the community; • Delivering software using Agile methodologies, implementing DevOps to speed our software delivery process; • Developing software on a REST API microser- vices ar ѕɔ+$1ٕɅЁфѕ́Ѽ)ɕѥͥ)]]eɔɅѕѼ Ր)=ٕȁѡЁ啅̰ Ր́)ɅѼȁѕɅѕ䁅]Ĺ)хЁѹȁȁ х=1䁉)ѕɥ͕́ݔͥѡ Րɔ)ɥх݅䀡Ʌ́ɽٕ́ȵɥٕ)ȁٕ́Ёѕ̸]եɕ)镐ݔձٕɅѡ Րȁٕ)ѕЁ́ɔɽ䰁ٔͥո)չɔɥѥɽՍѥݽɭ̸)]٥܁ѡ Ր́́Ё́)ѼٕЁեɕЁѥ́ȁȁ̴