The Doppler Quarterly Winter 2016 - Page 31

CASE STUDY Challenges • The company initiated a large software development project, which involved developing a next-generation technology platform and associ- ated applications • Existing applications and architecture were based on first-generation cloud environment, infrastructure and development processes • The firm needed technical expertise and leadership in the areas of DevOps application development and deployment methodologies CTP Solutions • Provided the expertise, methodologies and cloud application develop- ment capabilities necessary to implement CI/CD practices and develop new software • Designed and implemented the next-generation application platform • Re-architected an entire suite of applications • Designed and implemented a fully automated CI/CD process and tech- nology solution • Delivered a solution which runs on updated technologies and a cloud infrastructure • Positioned the company for world-wide growth across their product portfolio Results • Creation of new scripts to automate the environment provisioning pro- cess while maintaining a secure SDLC infrastructure and environment • Existing tool chain has been adapted to the company’s processes without derailing or slowing down the release of existing software • Broadened international capabilities due to the reduced provisioning time • Reduced hardware costs and improved application performance WINTER 2016 | THE DOPPLER | 29