The Doppler Quarterly Winter 2016 - Page 10

Strategy & Economics Security & Governance Security Controls and Assessment CSA/ISO Standards Cloud Readiness Assessment Organizational Alignment ROI/TCO Analysis Economic Models Security Technology Assessment Tools, Architecture Remediation and Implementation for a Secure Cloud Application Portfolio Assessment Application Migration & Development (MVC) Portfolio Readiness Assessment Infrastructure Modernization Automation AppVista Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC) Capabilities Matrix POCs & Pilots Application Cloud Roadmap & Plans Application Migration Factory Avid’s cloud adoption progressed in a similar fashion. In the strategy and economics phase, a TCO / ROI analysis demonstrated a strong business case for moving to AWS: Avid would reduce its IT data center operations expenses by 50%. Moving through the CAP, the Avid team completed portfolio assessments and automated the deploy- ment of Avid’s Virtual Private Clouds before entering the application migration phase of the project. Workloads moved to AWS run the gamut from mis- sion critical back office applications to customer fac- ing, revenue generating web applications including: Cognos, Confluence, Ping, Sitecore and AVID Licens- ing Applications. CloudEndure’s real-time, continu- ous block-level replication was used to reliably 8 | THE DOPPLER | WINTER 2016 DevOps Maturity Assessment Build Hybrid Cloud Cloud Reference Architecture through 6 key stages of cloud adoption starting with strategy and economics, all the way through portfolio assessments and migration, to DevOps and Clou- dOps. While companies may enter the Cloud Adop- tion Program at different points, the majority share a common set of requirements and objectives that CAP addresses in a structured, consistent manner. DevOps CloudOps Service Management Cloud Operational Model Governance, Billing, Chargeback, Audit, Logging, Escalation DevOps Automated Services Organizational Playbooks Training migrate the entire stack of both physical and virtual servers to AWS. Avid’s cloud adoption program migrated over 100 servers to AWS and implemented an AWS Storage Gateway/VTL for use of systems in Avid’s colocation facilities. To help accelerate the migration of work- loads to AWS, AT&T Netbond MPLS services were used to provision AWS Direct Connect service in only 2 weeks, as opposed to the typical 10 weeks required to provision a dedicated circuit. In the final stages of the project, the team optimized Avid’s deployment architecture for Sitecore, their new CMS, and implemented an AWS tagging scheme to facilitate the analysis and management of all AWS resources. Avid’s all-in move to the cloud has delivered huge value in both operational cost savings and in promot- ing business agility. Quickly achieving these objec- tives, however, required a highly prescriptive approach to cloud. Before going all-in, follow Avid’s lead and create your own cloud adoption program to get you there successfully, the first time.