The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 76

How much of a problem could it be? Four key areas could be impacted by that large IoT radar blip approaching your data center. Security — Security concerns on the IoT come in multiple flavors. First, traditional network boundaries no longer apply. Mobile started us down this path and now, the Internet of Things introduces a huge volume of new access points posing additional risks to internal sys- tems. Basically, the attack surface of your environment has changed drastically. Not only does the IoT device create an access risk, there have been examples of such devices being hacked and used as part of the attack. Next come the “pedigree” of the data received from IoT devices, and the devices themselves. Business and manufacturing systems are relying on data received from IoT devices to make business deci- sions, some with safety implications, when they involve manufactur- ing lines, self-driving vehicles, medical devices and the like. Data from an “imposter” device could create serious problems which would be difficult to detect. We need to ensure the IoT data received is valid, from a trusted IoT source. Consequently, security and data validation plans must be well strategized and designed. Data Privacy — Wearables and home sensors will continue to send large volumes of personal data into the cloud, where the individual may lose control of, or even sight of, the information. To protect con- sumer data, personal data privacy needs and risks must be identified, mitigated and communicated transparently to consumers to allay their concerns. With the advent of GDPR, this becomes an even larger issue for organizations to address. 74 | THE DOPPLER | SUMMER 2018