The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 66

Business Continuity This term takes into account all the technical concerns described in the previ- ous scenarios, but also addresses a full range of non-technical practices and processes, such as communications plans, regulatory notifications, natural disaster safety practices, etc. Business continuity can be a huge undertaking, and is typically a cross-departmental effort with many resources devoted to it. It is usually not a project managed by a pure-play technology vendor. BUaaS (Backup as a Service) This is the term for an offering which provides backup services similar to what is described above under Backup and Restore. In a typical scenario, BUaaS pro- vides offsite (usually cloud-based) backup for on-premises or data cen- ter-housed systems, protecting critical data against loss. There are vendors who specifically provide this service, but complete solutions can also be archi- tected using cloud-native services such as AWS Storage Gateway. DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) This is the term for an offering which follows most of the principles described for general disaster recovery. However, similar to BUaaS, DRaaS is focused on providing a cloud-based environment that becomes available after the failure of an on-prem or data center-based application environment. With DR it is critically important to define your business needs before selecting a vendor and/or designing a solution. 64 | THE DOPPLER | SUMMER 2018