The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 60

Set Performance Measuring Criteria As an example of this, CTP just completed a Proof of Concept for a large bank- ing application. The customer has a mature CI/CD pipeline. The application is very sensitive to any performance delays, so the company was auto-scaling, resulting in a 50 percent overrun in budgeted costs. Leaders approached CTP and asked for a Proof of Value to assess their cloud services using the Cloud- QoS™ performance management solution. The goal was to determine if there could be potential cost savings while continuing to provide the same perfor- mance. In other words, they wanted to find out if they could get the same per- formance on fewer units with less cost. The Proof of Value Test Goal: • CI/CD integration of the CloudQoS solution to run a 10-minute test at provisioning • Turned up 897 m3.large servers in AWS us-east-1 over a three-day period and executed a 10-minute test • Automated the comparison of the test results with the service bench- mark and the de-provisioning of the underperforming units Provider: AWS, DataCenter: us-east-1, MachineType: m3.large Estate - Pass/Fail Estate - Average SCI # Machines: 897 # Machines: 897 Status 238.6 250 48.438% 51.56% FAIL Needs Attention 51.563% 200 Benchmark 185.7 150 136.2 100 50 0 FAIL PASS Projected Price Performance Price Performance overall_price_performance 0.03190 pass_only_price_performance 0.7656 0.02180 0.00 0.02 Hour 5.359 0.5232 0.04 0.0 0.5 Day 3.662 1.0 0 2 4 109.87 6 Week Figure 1: Provider- AWS, DataCenter- us-east-1, MachineType- m3.large 58 | THE DOPPLER | SUMMER 2018 160.78 0 50 100 Month 150