The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 59

with a storehouse of underperforming – or overperforming – units. They want to ensure they are getting a consistent, predictable, reliable service based on what they are paying. How do you achieve mastery of the cloud? In short, it involves taking several steps to assign resources for your cloud environment, to set performance measuring criteria and then to manage facets of the environment based on performance over time. Find the Best Fit, the Best Cost Solution You need to have insight into what you are buying and make sure of what you are getting to ensure you are provisioning the best units available. The only way to do that is to know what you need and then test every instance upon provisioning to confirm that it meets your minimum requirements. If it does not meet that threshold, the unit will be killed and a new one provisioned. How do you set the requirements? First, profile your workloads. Every work- load has a resource consumption profile based on concurrent consumption of compute, network, memory and storage for IaaS, or database transactions in the case of DBaaS. To define the “workload profile,” collect the time series data over time and look for daily patterns where the maximum concurrent utiliza- tion is at its peak. Once the workload profiles are captured and quantified, build out a synthetic workload that matches the native load, and place that on a number of instance types (big, medium, small). This helps you identify the best service available for your workload at the best total cost, to define the “‘best fit, best cost”’ solution. Manage the Environment – Providing Service Assurance Onc RR&R'VrFR6VBrFRfƖFFRFBFR6W'f6RPvW&RvWGFrFR2FR6R6W'f6R"&WGFW"FGvBF#खFWd2g&Wv&Rv6WBW&VwV"FW7G2FBv&RfƖFFRFP6VB6W'f6Rv7B&6VƖRFV7W&RW"6VB6FVW2F'VBFЦWfV2vV6W'f6W2&RB'VrBFWfVF&VvFPFWd26FVW2FVw&F6FVW2FWVB44BVƖRPFVw&FR''VrB&W6r6VB7F6W2खbf"7F6R66WF&RW&f&6Rf"vfVv&B&fR0#3W&F2W"6V6BRVVBFfBFR&vB2Ff&f"FP"bBFW2BfBFR&WV&VVG2F&rBvBvWBFW"RGFW"b֖WFW2FR6RFvVV"F֖WFRFW7BvV7W&RR&RB'Wr&RFRVVB6f&R&RvWGFrFPW&f&6RW"Ɩ6F&WV&W2BVƖ֖FR6W&W"FWd26VD2FV25TU"#DRDU"S