The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 55

the request, it should. If the customer wants to use its own tools, the MSP should have the resources to bring those tools into the automation framework, so they are not being hand-deployed every time they are used. You do not want unlimited variability, but a rigid, cookie-cutter approach is never successful. 4. An Enterprise-Class Focus on Bedrock Issues At the enterprise level, you cannot afford to miss a beat on compliance and security. Both have to be in a state where they are being monitored regularly and efficiently. Problems can crop up quickly in the public cloud; environments get stood up and killed off all the time. An MSP cannot just show up and do an audit; it has to be managing all the time. If security and com- pliance are not in a good place, you will be flying blind. 5. Cost Management Expertise in a Hybrid Environment Optimizing costs in a single cloud is a straight for- ward challenge. Doing it in multiple environments is far more complicated and requires an enter- prise-grade level of service. Enterprises care about multiple environments. If each environment is being managed individually for cost, the results will not be optimal. Conclusion When cloud was bursting on the scene, MSPs quickly tried to align with users’ needs – providing services focused on a particular cloud or a particular type of implementation. That is not enough anymore. Cloud environments are becoming more complex, and data centers still play a role. MSPs need to offer the right mix of services to meet users’ expectations, now and in the future, in a fully hybrid cloud model. Earlier this summer, we announced HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud, a comprehensive offering to help sim- plify our clients’ hybrid cloud environments. This solution provides leading edge operational and man- agement services to span and unify your public and on-premise cloud models. Regardless of which MSP solution is best for your organization, it needs to provide an integrated story and get you where you need to go by offering a tar- geted blend of advisory and professional services. Learn more about HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud at SUMMER 2018 | THE DOPPLER | 53