The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 48

What this concept does reinforce is the need for an individual to: be aware of and understand areas of operation outside his or her silo; expand the project horizon; be fully vested in and accountable for the end result; and work to remove all artificial barriers to delivering value faster. These things in them- selves create a significant value-add to any organization. If one full stack devel- oper can provide so much value, what if we have 10, 20 or 100 of them? And what if we put them together into full stack teams? But is that what a full stack team is, a team of full stack developers? NO. A full stack team is NOT a team of full stack developers. As much as we believe everything in our lives is moving toward software, there are more areas than that which need to be addressed for a product to be released. These include: business analysis, testing, product management, stakeholder management, communications and more. What a full stack team borrows from the full stack development approach is the idea that it is operat- ing as a frictionless, self-sufficient, value-generating unit. Here are the five characteristics of a true full stack team 1. Self-sufficient 4. Accountable 2. Empowered 5. Value generating 3. Agile Self-Sufficient 1 2 Similar to the full stack developer, the full stack team should be able to address all aspects of the project or engagement. This will most likely cover everything from business analysis to architectural design to the hands-on implementation of the solution at all levels -- networking, database, software, testing, docu- mentation, knowledge transfer, etc. You might even have one or more full stack developers on the full stack team. The key point is that the team needs to be autonomous and should have the right skills and the right tools to deliver the needed outcome. Empowered The full stack team must be empowered to make appropriate decisions, and the empowerment needs to come from the top. This is extremely important! Decisions the team will make vary from feature implementation to architec- tural design to how the product is released. The team has to have the power to prioritize what to work on, when and how. If it has t Ό½ΉΝΡ…ΉΡ±δΌ…Ν¬™½Θ)…ΑΑΙ½Ω…±Μ•±Ν•έ‘•Ι”°₯Ё₯́Ή½Π…Έ•΅Α½έ•Ι•Ρ•…΄…ΉΡ‘”ΑΙ½•Ν́₯́™Υ±°½˜)ΥΉΉ••ΝΝ…ΙδΙ½…‘‰±½­ΜΈA±ΥΜ°₯˜Ρ‘”Ρ•…΄…ΉΉ½Π΅…­”₯Ρ́½έΈ‘•₯Ν₯½ΉΜ°₯Π)…ΉΉ½Π‰”‘•±…½ΥΉΡ…‰±”™½Θ‘•₯Ν₯½ΉΜ½Ρ‘•Ί΅…‘”™½Θ₯ΠΈ(Π؁πQ!=AA1HπMU55H€ΘΐΔΰ