The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 44

Choice of AWS Choosing AWS as a public cloud provider would be a more difficult choice if we were making the decision today. Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud have emerged as compelling alternatives to AWS. Based on Microsoft’s progress as a cloud provider, a multi- cloud blend of AWS and Azure could be a viable approach for long-range plans. Microsoft Azure offers services similar to AWS, along with compelling core application services. “Cloudify- ing” those operations might provide Microsoft with great opportunities. Google, meanwhile, has taken the concept of data science, analytics and platform computing and implemented a dynamic infrastruc- ture over it. For firms that require large-scale data processing and analytics, Google offers a compre- 42 | THE DOPPLER | SUMMER 2018 hensive framework to store the data and move the data around as well as carve through it to perform analysis. That said, AWS constructed a service catalog that aligns itself with the enterprise, and we found its ser- vice offerings quite compelling. The security model met our expectations, the tools were what we wanted in our inventory and it represented a strong solid fit. Good Fits for Cloud As we looked into where cloud would fit best in our organization, we focused on two areas where it could provide the most value. One was generating process automation for a Natixis business division focused on overlay management. Using the cloud, we identified opportunities to create scalability, reduce processing