The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 43

When I first started as Natixis Investment Managers’ Head of Technology for US distribution back in late 2014, we had three priorities that guided our vision for the IT side of the business: pursue IT projects that helped the company manage risk, create or improve business efficiencies and enable new opportu- nities for innovation. We also had a more tangible and focused goal to retire our in-house data cen- ter in less than three years. This mandate was non-negotiable because the company was moving its US headquarters to a state-of-the-art, “green” space. The new building was designed to be Boston’s most sustainable office building, and we did not want to build a new data center footprint. A new data center would not only have been costly to build and inefficient as compared to cloud offerings, but would also require continued capital investments and presented potential technical challenges in a retail-oriented area. Now over three years later, we have eliminated our physical data center foot- print (we still house a percentage of our original internal compute and storage services in a Markley Group colocation facility) and moved the majority of our workloads to the cloud. During the migration, we were also able to deliver on our mission to make IT more responsive to the needs of the business. Engaging with CTP To help us move to the cloud, we partnered with Cloud Technology Partners (CTP) to assist on the execution of a multi-phased project. In order to access Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) ability to deliver the cloud provider benefits we were seeking, CTP conducted a Proof of 66WB2vRFWFW&֖VBF@u2v2&RFVWBW"VVG2BFB6VBFV6wvVB&fFP7&V6VB7VVBF&WBvƗGB&fVBGW&&VBFRgFW"FRF2vR7F'FVBgV66R֖w&FbW"&GV7Fv&ЦG2Bv&VBvF5EFV7W&R7V7G2bFR6VN( 2WGv&r6V7W&GBW&FvVVBvW&R6V7W&VBFW"W&Fr7FЦF&G2W"FVv&VB66VǒvF5EfW"6F2F6GV7BFF67BbvW'6D476W76VCFVFgVv6Ɩ6RBFV6Ц6&WV&VVG3FWfVFRV6W76'66VB7G'V7GW&SW7F&Ɨ6WBЧv&6V7FfG'VB֖Vf&R6VBd2BFG&W72F"ЦrBW&F66W&2FVvR6WBW&GV7FVf&VBF@vVBFRGfFvRbVFRu26W'f6W26VFre2T3"32vЦ6W"6VEvF652B6VEG&5TU"#DRDU"C