The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 41

To Shorten the Agility Bubble, Con- sider the Following Programs: Shuffle the Domain Leaders – Break the per- Speed is the new currency of an organization. Freed from the burden of legacy infrastructure, systems and processes, agile new competitors pop up like prairie dogs on a Kansas farm. mafrost layer of management that controls your technology silos. These are the leaders of Ops, Architecture, Customer Service, Storage and Net- working. Move them around and expose them to how other teams operate. Their fresh views on the subject will give them perspective and compassion for their counterparts. Get a Sherpa – We highly recommend hiring a consultant to help navigate the agility waters. Just remember, this is not your typical organizational change. There is a whole new set of challenges, because teams are moving to self-directed, self-forming and self-defining structures. So be sure to qualify consultants regarding their skills and plans. Forget Job Descriptions – If they haven’t done so already, your HR department will come to you looking for job descriptions for DevOps Engineer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Security Architect and a host of other roles you may or may not even know you need. The problem is, these roles change every three months! What you required in skills last quarter will change again in the next. Look For and Support Hand-Raisers – Your Digital Transformation Is Not Your Agility Program Do not get confused – digital transformation is not your agility play. Digital transformation is basically analyst jargon — a marketing term that lacks clarity and teeth. It has many definitions and no consensus as to its hard deliverables. Agility, on the other hand, refers to the ability of all the organization’s product development teams to respond to challenges and opportunities. So, the Agility Bubble is actually a PEOPLE problem, not a technology solution. The people must learn how to leverage new tools and techniques, and to do that, we must look to a cul- tural change in the organization. greatest assets are the first movers and innovators on your teams. Support their desire to start and lead the cloud teams, go to Meetups and get certi- fied. Look to build their colleagues and support the informal teams that are advancing high-speed technologies and trends. These are your change agents – back them! Your Agility Bubble will last longer than you ini- tially estimate because people do not change as fast as you think. They fall back into their old, com- fortable ways, since it is easier to do the same thing than to learn something new. Never forget, the Agility Bubble is a PEOPLE issue, not a technology problem. Spend the time and effort necessary to train your teams. Demonstrate your commitment through your actions and your leadership. See you on the other side! SUMMER 2018 | THE DOPPLER | 39