The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 39

The harsh reality is that your cloud program comes with a financial burden. Here’s how you can overcome the costs to get to the cloud faster. Mainstream IT is under a great burden – to lower operational costs and unleash agility. These oil-and-water, conflicting objectives are at the core of the lead- ership churn occurring behind the walls of today’s most trusted institutions. CXOs are freaking out. The heavy weight of technical debt and fast-moving competitive waters leave little room for classic MBA-style solutions. Leaders must view this problem with a significantly different pair of glasses, for the paradox at hand is literally a life and death proposition for the company. Agility is a mandate – leaders must break down the old and rebuild the new - and that requires investment. Yes, they are going to have to spend money – and not a little bit, either. The Agility Bubble is the money required to establish and maintain an agile product development and release cycle, specifically leveraging cloud-based technologies. Leaders must respond to business needs, and the appropriate response is investment in the people and processes required to use the tech- nology so freely available today. This is nothing new. We have faced other Agility Bubbles, driven by the Inter- net, client-server technologies and, prior to that, the introduction of PCs into the workplace. These Agility Bubbles required corporate transformations that no one could avoid and still survive. What makes this Agility Bubble so unique is that it is fueled by the availability of both ridiculously inexpensive sophisti- cated technologies and plenty of investment capital. With these two things working together, no market is safe. SUMMER 2018 | THE DOPPLER | 37