The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 31

Complex, and often long, cloud transformation results in an organization that can execute at a higher rate of speed, learn from failures and constantly improve. Many enterprises are struggling with the same transformation challenge: how to create an organization that can quickly adopt new technology while responding to immediate market needs and new competitive threats. The transition to becom- ing that kind of operation is not simple. It involves all aspects of an organization developing new muscle memory based on new ways to operate that are accepting of learning and failure. It also requires empowering staff to make rapid decisions driven by common organizational direction and principles. Cloud is the platform component that enables a more agile, responsive organiza- tion. But consuming cloud in a way that a business can also transform requires a coordinated effort across multiple domains. All aspects of the people, process and technology components of an organization are impacted as it matures from cur- rent to new operational models. Figure 1 outlines the key changes that must occur in order to maximize velocity. The primary change is the move from approval based processes to a focus on exception handling and constant organizational improvement. People Process Technology • Self-directed learning • Constantly changing job roles, descriptions and focus on improving process • Ability to explore new skills & technology, even if not directly applicable to job today • Focus on handling exceptions • Automated processes, automated escala FVW6WFFƖp( "&6W76W2f7W6VB&Vvrv&B&fp&6VBWF6R( "FV6w&W6VBWfW'#BF0( "&BG2&"FFV660WrFV6wFF( "wV&B&2f"FV6w6VǒFVfVBwVFVƖW0( "f7W2W6V7WFr&6W70( "G&Wr7FfbFWV7WFRFVfVB&P( "62&V6R7FvB֖G&rffW&VBFW7Fr7Ffb( "f7W2֖֗pWVF2bW66FrvFvVVB6( "&6W76W2f7W6VBvp&f&"Fv&&Vvr( "ƖfV76RbRrV'2f FV6wfW7FVG0( "rWfVFW&G0&Vf&RrFV6wFV660( "&v旦FvFR7FF&G0vF6WW6WF&6W76W0fwW&RWrBBv&G0&v旦F27F'BFV"6VBFFW&WvFFRFVFb6fp67G2BW&F2vRFR6VB6'&r67B6fw2G2&vW"&VVf@F&v旦FƖW2V&Ɩrf7FW"FRF&WBf"Wr&GV7G2@5TU"#DRDU"#