The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 23

CTP development specialists built those features using Django, a free and open-source web framework written in Python. The team set up a new data- base schema to tie features back to the existing database and integrate them with BBBS of NYC’s email and messaging platforms. To allow the existing app to continue functioning unabated, CTP created a lab account to test new fea- tures and gave the agency access to the account to participate in the QA test- ing on AWS. CTP used its leading-edge application development process and agile method- ology to ensure a smooth delivery process. Coordinating with BBBS leaders, the team conducted daily stand-up meetings with a BBBS of NYC management group, working through changes on the fly and sharing inputs on next steps and allocation of resources. Delivering a Mobile Solution CTP finished the next version of the GoBig app in just over two months, deliv- ering it in May. It equips the organization with a new, streamlined ability to handle a series of tasks, including planning events and distributing the tickets, content and event opportunities integral to BBBS's core mission of providing supportive connections between mentors and mentees. One feature solves the challenge of distributing tickets and other items in a fair and equitable manner. For example, if a donor presented the agency with a pair of pro hockey tickets for a game in 24 hours, the agency’s past practice was to scramble to offer the tickets to a Big via email or social media. The process often derailed when communications dropped off. Now, using the GoBig app, BBBS of NYC can distribute the tickets to Bigs on a first-come-first-served basis, or through a lottery -- reduci r7G&W72BV7W&r7V66W76gV6V2ЧF2'FBFR6V6FfRGFW'2FW"fVGW&RvfW2FRvV7&RVffV7FfRvFF7G&'WFR6ЧFVBbf"7F6RFR&w2fR&VFVfVBvbFFFWW&66R@vVW72vFFV"ƗGFW2FRvV76F&vWBFW6R7V6f2&w2vFWW"Ц66RvVW72"VF6FVB66W6&fBvV6W26vVW&FR6vf6B6FfR7BFV"7W&R`fVV6R( 2bFWfRFRF2BFR&W6W&6W2FWV7WFRFV"2&r'&FW'2&r67FW'2bWr&6G&W&W6VG2vBWRbvV7vFFRf6BV2FvWBFw2FR'FW&rvF5E$$%2b2fVBf'v&BvFWrvF6V6FRB6Vf&FVrG2VF'266VG&FRvBFWF&W7BFRWrfW'6bFRv&r266VGVVBF&R&VBWBFR7VW b#Vr$$%2b27&VFR&R7FgV&w&2vR7FpvFG2'VFvWB5TU"#DRDU"#