The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 22

The BBBS of NYC connects more than 5,500 kids with a Big to provide mentor- ship through engaging in various outings on a biweekly cadence. The Challenge One of the challenges Bigs face when planning new outings with their Little Brother or Sister is coming up with creative and affordable ideas. Recognizing this challenge, BBBS started to develop a mobile application, called GoBig, that would enable mentors to select more meaningful outings and create a vehicle for regular communication between the organization’s volunteers and social workers. To complete this app development project, which is so strategic to its mission, BBBS of NYC reached out to AWS for help. Given the partnership of Cloud Technology Partners (CTP) with AWS, and personal BBBS connections already present within our organization, a group of employees volunteered to take action on the BBBS of NYC project, offering time and resources to further develop the GoBig application on a pro bono basis. Laying the Groundwork Taking the handoff from AWS, CTP started by designating a project team that included hand-raisers across the company, as well as members of our leader- ship team. Throughout the development effort, colleagues from the UI/UX team, database specialists and app engineers joined the effort, working after hours and weekends to deliver a world-class solution to BBBS. The CTP team took the basic functionality of the GoBig app already in use and further developed it according to the nonprofit’s future vision. BBBS of NYC turned over the database and code supplied by its original vendor, and CTP built on top of it, improving the performance and adding new features. 20 | THE DOPPLER | SUMMER 2018