The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 18

In addition to the video analytics and alerting, Cloud IoT Core can also be used to push updates to IoT devices deployed around the globe. This allows for updates to the TensorFlow graph if new categories of detection were added to an updated model (Figure 2). What Is Old Is New Again If you are a regular reader of The Doppler, you are probably well aware of our position that IoT solutions have existed a long time under different names. You may also be aware of CTP’s heritage of building cloud-native IoT solutions. Video analytics is an excit- ing “new” space that the leading cloud vendors (our partners Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS) are all building new features and capabilities around. Furthermore, Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers a suite of intelligent edge-based solutions that support high performing hardware and software solutions which enable IoT and video analytics solutions to be deployed close to your production systems. As the cloud and IoT professional services arm of HPE, CTP is uniquely positioned to straddle the intel- ligent edge and the enterprise cloud worlds, while delivering real-world, outcome-based video analytics that meet your needs. Clearly what is old is new again. Watch the full demo at Contributors to this article include Jason Parsons. The difference/relationship betwee H[[[Hܘ\[[\Bݙ\[ۘ\X[\K[Hܘ\\H^ܝY\YXH[ܑ˂BXXYHٙ\\ N \Yو\][\ܛX[K\[\ YX]\و[KZY X[YY[[ܞK\\H]Z[XHۈ ]\Yۈ[\^[[]X]]BY K[MHTSSQT N