The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 12

Laying the Groundwork CTP combined agency-level experience design with cloud adoption best practices to design and develop a solution that delivers great cus- tomer experience, and a cloud deployment that optimizes performance and cost. To get started, CTP led an Experience Design (XD) Discovery Workshop with key stakehold- ers — including the CEO and executives with industry experience — to unlock key goals and problems the media firm was facing. CTP iden- tified the industry personas – “power players,” “industry veterans,” “industry front-runners” and “program directors” – who each had dif- ferent motivations and different experiences leveraging analytics and technology. We led interviews and user testing with the key per- sonas and shadowed them to better under- stand their days and lives. The common thread was that personas tended to use data incon- sistently, usually as a secondary tool to vali- date assumptions. What they needed was a way to easily visualize data regarding a song’s performance against other key indicators and overlapping audience profiles. CTP moved on to a prototyping phase. The team collected rows of data, using Google Sheets and JSON, to scope out a model to visu- alize song trajectory. They explored several visualizations to display the data, and created a UI, leveraging geomaps, bar graphs and trend lines. This led to an evolved workflow used to benchmark artist and song lifecycles. CTP discovered that the biggest challenge was a lack of “clean data,” since it all was not cre- ated equally. For example, market boundaries and time windows for sales were not defined consistently across retail, broadcast and digi- tal channels. To extrapolate cross-platform insights, CTP looked at ways to re-architect existing data strategies. Engineers helped the 10 | THE DOPPLER | SUMMER 2018 client scale a data “pool” as a precursor to building standard metrics their teams could rely on. In parallel, using the existing Excel worksheets to develop a re-imagined application ͕)ɥ Q@ɕѕ͕䁵)ʹمѥѡфݥѠٕѕȴ)̸Q́ݽձɅѡȁф̰)ɕՍ䁅եѕٕ)ѥ́ɕձаѡѕ͍)ͥѡU$Ѽɽ٥ѡɥЁф)ѡɥЁѥѼѡɥЁͽLѡ)ɽɥєɵЁմȁ)Q5ͥѥ́͡ɐѥ)́Ʌѥѡɕѥɕɍѕɔ)ݥѠɕ͕хѥȰͥ́ȁ)фȸQɕ͕хѥȁ́]L)ѥ хѥչ)եЁͥIЁɅݽɬ̸)Qͥ́ȁ́ɔݥѠѡȴ)ɕЁɕ͕ٕ́ɱ́ɍѕɔLɥд)ѕͥ齸A$ѕ݅䁅]L)1ݥѠѽѡɥ̰)ѕɅѥݥѠɔѥٔɕѽ٥)ѡȁ=ѠѕəQфȁ́)ձѤم齹]LILх)ͥѡAѝɕME0ՔѼѡɕ)ѥɔѡф)Q͕ٕɱ́Q0́5IՍ)եЁ͕ٕͥɱ́)ѕ!-䁙ɕ́Ց)ɅѕфѥѡЁ́Ѽ)Q@L̰ ՐMѽɅME0х͕̰)M=@͕٥̰]́ݽɬ͡ɕ́)!QQ@фͽɍ9́ձ́ȁ)ѡ́Q0쁅幌ɕݕ)ɕЁфɽѽ̸)Q齸 ՑMɍЁɼ)٥́ѡѥݥѠѽє)͕ɍȰ́ݕ́ձ͕ɍɕձ́)ѡЁՑ́䁵э