The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 11

How one of the largest mass media companies in North America leverages the cloud to streamline data analytics and create more targeted radio playlists. The U.S. radio market is a competitive business that is undergoing significant change. Operators are being pressured by new rivals in digital, satellite and Internet radio, including subscription services such as Pandora and Spotify. More than 15,000 stations vie for $18 billion in annual U.S. radio advertising spend – a figure projected to grow by less than 1 percent annually through 2021. To generate revenue, radio operators need to build listener numbers. To attract listeners, they need to play the specific artists and songs their target audiences want to hear. Years ago, radio playlists were created largely on gut feelings, based on personal experiences or industry connections. Today, programmers curate their playlists carefully, tapping data from relevant reports and research. The challenges stations face are determining which data sources to trust – and then how to put data into action. Different services have different business models, and they generate different insights about what may be popular in cer- tain markets, at certain points in time. Stations themselves collect their own data, but it is often stored in manual fashion, on spreadsheets and in file fold- ers, making it hard to analyze using cloud technologies at scale. Streamlining a Media Company’s Use of Data One of America’s largest radio providers embarked on a project to create an analytics function that would be the envy of the industry. The company engaged CTP to design and build an enterprise-grade analytics solution to support internal program directors, as well as key business partners: large U.S. record labels, artist agents and brand managers. The multi-phase project incorporated initial steps to analyze existing methods of data collection and analysis, create buy-in with C-suite stakeholders on a plan, and design workflows facilitating new methods of analysis. The final step would be to deliver a solution using cloud native applications to help the orga- nization’s clients modernize their processes. SUMMER 2018 | THE DOPPLER | 9