The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2017 - Page 9

Supporters of net neutrality have insisted the rules are necessary to protect equal access to content on the internet. Opponents said the rules unfairly subjected broadband internet suppliers like Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and Charter to utility-style regulation. connections into cloud computing providers, bypass- ing the open Internet all together. But what about voting with your dollar, shopping for other providers? Heyman states that “Shifting pro- viders may not protect you, they all may start doing packet discrimination.” The ISP’s logic here is a bit flawed. If I pay for an Inter- net connection, then why should I also pay for the services that I select to use that connection, whether it be Netflix for nightly entertainment, or AWS to drive my business? We’re not sure why the ISPs feel they are entitled to charge the provider as well as me. They are serving me, and not the provider. So, how do we advise our clients? In this instance, it’s a matter of government actions that our clients can do little about. However, we’ll keep an eye on how ISPs adjust to the new regulations, or should we say, removed regulations. Policies that they adopt will set the standard for how cloud providers work outside of Net Neutrality. This could mean higher costs for some and reduced costs for others. A mix is the best prediction we can make right now considering how things have worked out in the past around the deregulation of other util- ities, such as long distance services, water, electric- ity, and now... the Internet. SUMMER 2017 | THE DOPPLER | 7