The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2017 - Page 62

Keeping the Maritime Shipping Industry Afloat with Automated Logistics Scott Udell IoT and Machine Learning are revolutionizing global logistics Logistics, the business of moving goods and material to be in the right place at the right time - and at the right cost - is one of the world’s oldest industries. Outstanding logistics networks enabled the expansion of the Greek Empire, and one can argue that stretching its logistics network too far contributed heavily to its decline. The legacy of that strong logistics network, however, remains, and Greece is still a world leader in the maritime movement of goods. Fast forward a couple thousand years and our expectations have accelerated on all fronts: product lifecycles have dramatically shortened. Consumers expect significantly improved electronic devices every 12 months (or less), and a lack of inventory or an inability to provide two-day global ship- ping can quickly lead to short-term \[\܈][ۙ]\HY[™YH]ܛH][X\[ۜ [[YˈSK'\\[۸'H\\][H\ܝ\YHY][ۘ[\\[\[\X\Y[HۈYXXK L[[۝[[X[YX\[[]\BX\ˈ]Z[\[X[YX\\]]XX\]\\[X\\ H[[]ZXH[ݙHۈH^]H H\HHۙ\]\BXYY[[HY][ۘ[[Yܘ]Y[HX\]\K]\[Y[H]\H[\H[Y\[]H[YH[YH]Bؘ[\[[\H\X[[Y[\X\[\\K]\H^Y\[H\X]ܚ\[܈]\\X[]K[[ܙ\]\[\[H\^]H[XYوH[[K]\[[[\[H[\H\YY\HX[HXܜ[Y[H\˂HTSSQT M