The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2017 - Page 57

that crunch and analyze data. The public cloud provides extremely cheap storage. This, coupled with a large collection of managed services help turn innovative ideas into new solutions more cheaply and faster than previously imaginable. Traditional applications were built off of a list of known requirements that were turned into systems based on prescriptive needs. Tomorrow’s applica- tions will be adaptive, self managed, self learning, dynamic, and even unpre- dictable. Datacenters were designed for predictability. Clouds were created for innovation and volatility. With each new technology comes the need for more compute and storage. Trying to keep up with this demand in the datacenter will be a losing game. I believe that business agility is the currency of tomorrow. The scales have tipped beyond the days of a central IT team controlling and dictating all of the technologies. To stay in the game IT must become an enabler of emerg- ing strategic technologies if they don’t want their enterprise to be the next case study of a company that went from market leader to extinction. The rate of innovation is so fast that dipping the toe in the water can be a failing strategy. I recommend that companies start actively pursuing meaningful proof of concepts on the technologies that are relevant for their industry. To quote Eric Roth, American screenwriter, “Our lives are defined by opportu- nities, even the ones we miss.” SUMMER 2017 | THE DOPPLER | 55