The Doppler Quarterly Summer 2017 - Page 45

How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping Non-Traditional Technology Companies Joey Jablonski As organizations look to transform and stay competi- tive in digital markets, technologies like artificial intel- ligence and machine learning are enabling non-tradi- tional technology companies to be more effective, make better decisions and respond more quickly to changing market conditions. Many companies get instinctively grouped as either technological leaders, or traditional non-tech companies. This rash judgment often misses the evolution that many companies are going through to transform their business and indus- try through modern technological capabilities. People often assume that only the biggest tech companies such as Facebook, Google or Instagram are using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to drive their business. Since AI and ML have become easier to consume as cloud based services, we are seeing many organizations once thought to be non-tradi- tional technology firms, begin to adopt these advanced technologies as well. As organizations look to transform and stay competitive in increasingly digital markets, technologies like AI and ML are enabling employees to be more effec- tive, make better decisions measured through data and respond more quickly to changing market conditions. This rapid response to changing markets is the largest driver for the use of AI. Employees no longer need to spot trends and react, but rather let the tools and algorithms respond as users’ needs change. AI and ML enable leaders in these non-traditional digital organizations to let their staff focus on the most powerful work activities where human input is required, and let the more trivial and less meaningful work fall to automation. Four industries that we see rapidly changing due to AI include automotive, real estate, legal services and education. Each industry is defined by traditional models that are reliant on growing numbers of employees to support growing SUMMER 2017 | THE DOPPLER | 43