The Doppler Quarterly Spring 2019 - Page 48

Build Pipelines Cloud Application Code Figure 2: Serverless App Deployments Using container-based functions is one attempt at addressing this problem. These func- tions package applications into short-lived, transient containers, ideal for serverless type workloads. Every major cloud provider is innovating their hypervisors and proces- sors to support these transient containers, which they can create within a few microsec- onds. However, the implementations are different across the major cloud providers. kubernetes Build Pipelines Application Code App Container AWS ECR MicroVMs KVM Host Figure 3: AWS Firecracker Architecture AWS Firecracker deploys transient container images as micro VMs powered by KVM and Rust. KVM offers fast startup time and low memory overhead to create thousands of micro VMs on the same machine. Both Lambda and Fargate use Firecracker behind the scenes. kubernetes Virtual Kubelets Build Pipelines Application Code App Container ACR Figure 4: Azure Container Instances (ACI) Architecture 46 | THE DOPPLER | SPRING 2019 ACI VMs