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(CI/CD) toolchain that includes the integration of auto- mated testing and code promotion, along with any cloud frameworks and tools the development team may need. Modernize the application using an agile MVP approach Once you define the MVP and build the development envi- ronment, refactoring can begin. Use an agile, sprint-based approach that allows rapid response to changes in require- ments and priorities, facilitates continuous delivery of work- ing features to stakeholders for feedback and acceptance and drives time to market. Continually validate the user experience with real customers to ensure the end product will keep them engaged. Optimize the infrastructure through updates to the IaC, and maintain the CI/CD script- ing and automated testing pipeline throughout the devel- opment lifecycle. Make automated testing an integral part of your modernization strategy Move testing as far left in the process as possible. Leverage automated testing in your CI/CD tool chain to maintain fea- ture parity before and after the modernization process. Testing should include unit, functional, destructive and load testing, as well as applications, configurations and infra- structure testing, to build confidence as you work through the release process. Modernizing for the Future: a Use Case Five years ago, Kronos, a leading provider of workforce management solutions, decided to disrupt the way they delivered to their customers, before an entrepreneurial startup could beat them to it. Utilizing Google Cloud Plat- form, Kronos designed a modern, cloud-based application, offering breakthrough employee experience and unprece- dented levels of operational insight. Embedded analytics and personalized visualizations provide real-time visibility into compliance and employee well-being. Artificial intelli- gence and machine learning provide best-fit recommenda- tions and guided decision making. And the technology infrastructure provides powerful platform extensibility with open APIs to easily adapt to changing business needs. By reimagining every facet of their business – from profes- sional services to customer support, to finance and market- ing and everything in between — Kronos was able to sup- port its Workforce Dimension application and exceed customer acquisition goals by 50%. Conclusion For ISVs, there is tremendous value wrapped up in existing applications: They power the business. Modernizing those applications while maintaining that value increases busi- ness agility and improves application scalability, resiliency and usability. By following the modernization blueprint, ISVs can get started on a successful modernization initia- tive, and see results against their business goals as quickly as possible. Following this blueprint will provide significant business value: • An enhanced user experience that will delight customers • Secure, scalable, automated cloud environments with the frameworks and tools development teams need to accelerate innovation • A modernized application, refactored using cloud-na- tive architectures and services to both realize cloud benefits and increase developer productivity • A roadmap for continued modernization to achieve longer-term business goals Get started on your application modernization initiative today. SPRING 2019 | THE DOPPLER | 43