The Doppler Quarterly Spring 2019 - Page 44

Define the minimum viable product (MVP) and development roadmap Modernization requirements, driven by the application assessment results, architecture design and experience design, should be translated into high-level user stories that will be decomposed into project backlog during the refac- toring sprints. The user stories can then be prioritized to define the MVP to accelerate time to market. Keep in mind that not all modernization requirements have to be imple- mented during the initial refactoring. Choose those require- ments for the MVP that will provide the best return on investment and will address the most critical business needs. The goal of defining the MVP is to get the cloud- based software product into the hands of customers as quickly as possible. The remaining user stories become part of a phased plan that serves as a roadmap for how lon- 42 | THE DOPPLER | SPRING 2019 ger-term business goals can be achieved. Build out new, or optimize existing cloud infrastructure to support the modern- ized application During the architecture assessment, you will need to build a new cloud environment, or modify an existing one, to sup- port the modernized application. Wherever possible, infra- structure as code (IaC) should be developed to define the infrastructure. This will enable automated, repeatable ease of provisioning. Start with the development environment, so the refactoring sprints can begin, then build out the test, user acceptance testing (UAT) and production environ- ments as development progresses. To speed development cycles, deploy a continuous integration/continuous delivery