The Doppler Quarterly Spring 2019 - Page 43

Applications that ISVs move to the cloud often require modernization to fully leverage what the cloud has to offer and achieve their business goals. Reimagine the user experience in ways that are customer centric and market relevant Quickly validate technical decisions and end-to-end functionality​ through a proof of concept (PoC) While ISVs understand the technical benefits of refactoring their application codebase, many do not consider one of the key factors driving customer loyalty – the user experience. To drive the most creative solutions, experience design development should employ empathy workshops to uncover what customers really want, and design sessions that quickly turn ideas into interactive prototypes. These workshops and design sessions should include real custom- ers who can provide iterative feedback as prototypes are developed and refined. Using these techniques ensures that the modernization effort encompasses not only the technology, but also the customer experience. Take this opportunity to delight your customers. If you do not, your competition will. Often an ISV’s stakeholders want a high degree of comfort that their software product will perform in the cloud as expected. There may also be technical decisions to evaluate and validate. A PoC is a cost-effective way to quickly demonstrate end-to-end functionality, validate emerging technologies and/or prove value to stakeholders, investors and even customers. A PoC is also a good way to create and validate the foundational infrastructure and technical com- ponents required for the refactoring sprints. Time to mar- ket is critical. Build out only the minimal cloud infrastructure needed to support the PoC, and develop only the PoC ele- ments that are critical to moving the decision forward. SPRING 2019 | THE DOPPLER | 41