The Doppler Quarterly Spring 2019 - Page 3

THE DOPPLER EFFECT When you hear the term “gravity,” what comes to mind? Sir Isaac Newton and the apple? San- dra Bullock and George Clooney struggling to survive outer space in the Warner Bro. sci-fi production? The tune of John Mayer’s Bill- board hit? According to NASA, “gravity is the force by which a planet or other body draws objects toward its center.” At CTP, we think of data gravity, a phrase coined by software engineer Dave McCrory almost ten years ago. Data gravity takes the basic concept of gravity and posits that in the ever-growing cloud and big data environ- ments, the more data that is accumulated, the more applications and services that will come into the data’s orbit to consume it. This is best accomplished when the applications live close to the data they are consuming, thus reducing latency and increasing performance. This may have been a straightforward process back when organizations had all their IT on-premises, but that is not today’s hybrid cloud reality. Nearly all organizations are host- ing workloads and data in public cloud envi- ronments and on-premises or in private host- ing centers. Some organizations will continue to migrate all their data to public cloud plat- forms, but this is not an easy feat, nor the norm, for several reasons: 1. The bigger the data, the more difficult it will be to gain portability, simply due to the time and egress costs associated with moving that data around. 2. Data protection is more complicated in the cloud. This is no longer about safe- guarding the perimeter, but about pro- tecting the workloads themselves, at rest and in transit. 3. The changing nature of data sover- eignty and national data protection laws require organizations to pay closer attention to how they are managing data across borders. 4. The risk to the enterprise may be too high. Think about moving the core busi- ness databases to a platform you do not control. This is a serious conversation that puts the whole company at risk if it does not go well. The spring 2019 edition of The Doppler Quar- terly looks at the reality of data gravity, and at how organizations can best achieve the opti- mum balance o data principle tradeoffs. Start- ing on page 52, we discuss: use cases where hybrid cloud might (or might not) present challenges around data gravity; the data effects of application portability; data protec- tion strategies; and the government restric-tions affecting your data operations. As your organization navigates the complexi-ties of a hybrid and multi-cloud world, we hope our data gravity best practices help you ask the right questions, make better decisions and derive increased value from your data. Bruce Coughlin Chief Executive Officer, CTP SPRING 2019 | THE DOPPLER | 1