The Doppler Quarterly Spring 2019 - Page 16

These kinds of training options may be able to get you started in the cloud. Or they may certify you to manage minor projects. But they will not prepare you to manage more complicated environments. Advanced training, on the other hand, can make an especially big difference in two areas – security and cost control. Security is not an area to underplay. Free training will introduce you to basic security concepts, but it likely will not cover the subject fully enough so you can pro- vide the protection you need. On the cost side, you will want to make sure you are keeping your cloud operations in check – understanding usage patterns and setting up triggers to shut down unused instances. To truly optimize your environment, you need to train your staff using a holistic approach. That means tailoring training for specific personas. IT roles do not all require the same skills. Busi- ness units and teams – finance, security, risk, compliance – are all impacted, so they will need specific levels of preparation as well. Everyone’s role changes when an organization moves to the cloud. When you rely on free training, you approach the task from the myopic view of one person. You are not looking at the impact the change will have on the whole organization. Keys to Success Here are several features cloud training programs should have to provide the depth of knowl- edge organizations need to succeed. • Assessments: Trainers need to know what the trainees know, so they can get them beyond the free training. Start with a questionnaire mapped to the cloud platforms and tools that will be needed for specific job functions. Tailor the questionnaire to the com- pany and to the individual’s role. • Consultations: Moving to the cloud can be stressful – for IT people and for the HR team, as well. The staff may be worried that cloud will take their jobs away, and the HR team could be wary of a team offering training that might present concepts that do not mesh with the company’s existing learning management system. Take time to figure out how you integrate with existing systems, and how you can best speak to an audience that is worried about where it fits in a new environment. 14 | THE DOPPLER | SPRING 2019