The Doppler Quarterly Spring 2019 - Page 10

Building the Fundamentals Early on, BJ’s engaged Cloud Technology Partners, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise com- pany, to begin building a framework for transitioning to the cloud. This framework focused on six core pillars: Strategy and Economics, Security and Governance, Applica- tions and Architecture, Portfolio Migration, DevSecOps and CloudOps. BJ’s organized around these pillars and set up agile pods for each, developing and prioritizing its back- log to optimize how the company attacked the work. As BJ’s made incremental progress, momentum grew, as well as internal excitement over the cloud program. The company made sure it saw quick wins in both developing internal skills and demonstrating high business value. Organizing for Success BJ’s next challenge was transitioning the organization from a traditional software devel- opment life cycle (SDLC) while simultaneously continuing to support the business. In other words, the company needed to support legacy systems while transforming the organization to cloud technologies. The warehouse club operator created two core groups to be cloud evangelists and help move the transition forward. A Cloud Technologies group was chartered to focus enter- prise architecture on cloud design thinking. This group would be engaged early and often in every go-forward initiative to ensure that a cloud-first mindset was always a top consideration. Simultaneously, the company created a Cloud Operations and Engineer- ing group focused on DevSecOps and cloud optimization. BJ’s supported these groups primarily with internal resources, providing them with everything they needed to grow their expertise. Migrating to the Cloud One of BJ’s key priorities was ensuring its Cloud Data Security Strategy was well archi- tected and operationally supported before beginning the transition. Though starting small, BJ’s built its cloud migration momentum by leveraging its successes, and continu- ing to master the new services introduced each week by its cloud providers. BJ’s moved two SAP applications – SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository) and SAP PMR (Promo- tion Management for Retail) – and centralized their data in the cloud. CAR and PMR were hybrid implementations working with BJ’s SAP ERP on-premises solution. Next, BJ’s migrated its e-commerce platform, IBM WebSphere Commerce and Order Manage- ment, into the cloud, taking advantage of compute on-demand, auto scaling, and several other cloud services to best manage the cyclical nature of e-commerce demand. Recently, BJ’s migrated its teradata data warehouse platform to the Amazon Redshift solution in the cloud. The retailer also shifted away from its on-premises data analysis solution, so that it could provide an improved shopping experience for members. Turn- ing to the public cloud, BJ’s created a data lake, and hired data scientists to help analyze 8 | THE DOPPLER | SPRING 2019