The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2017 - Page 72

DevOps & Technology It is here where we finally start focusing on IT automation and the famous CI/ CD processes. What many call DevOps is just one small piece of the DevOps puzzle. Running systems in the cloud requires new tooling and methods. Many of the legacy tools we have used in the past require state and physical infra- structure. We recommend born-in-the-cloud solutions in the areas of security, monitoring, logging, code repositories, etc. Providing visibility into system health and application state is crucial in providing high SLAs in the new world where deployments happen frequently. Much thought needs to go into to building a robust security and monitoring framework that feeds into a central logging solution and can be accessed through a single pane of glass. The build process should perform security and coding standards scans. Test- ing should be automated and part of the build process. The build process should produce a score for security, programming standards, and quality. The build should fail if any one of those scores are not at an acceptable level. The Maturity Model Score: 1.74 Maturity Level People Process • Manual process • Tribal knowledge is the norm • Unpredictably reactive Technology • Manual builds and deployments • Manual testing • Environment inconsistencies Level 1 Ad-Hoc • Silo based • Blame, finger texting • Dependent experts • Lack of accountability Level 2 Repeatable • Processes established within silos • Managed communications • No standards Continuous Integration • Limited know )͡ɥ+$ ɕЁݡЁ́ݸ)ЁЁɕЁѼչݹ̃$ѽѕե+$ѽѕѕ́ɥд)ѕ́Ёѽ)ٕ+$AհЁɕх)ɕ͕)1ٕ)$Aɽ͕́ɔѽѕ+$ Ʌѥ)ɽ́M1 +$Mɕͥ) ѥս̃$)ٕ)Mхɑ́ɽ+$Mɕչх)ɝѥ$ѽѕեѕЁ危)ȁٕ䁍+$A͠ѽ嵕+$ѽѕ͕Ȁ)хѕѥ)1ٕ)5ɕ$Aɽѥٔѽɥ+$ Ʌѥ+$5ɥ́ѕ)͡ɕɥ́ݥѠ)́嵕) ѥս)镐Ёͥ́)ɕ٥ѱ+$Yͥ䀘ɕх䃊$ եɥ́٥ͥ)ѕ+$=ɍɅѕ嵕)ݥѠѼɽ+$9չѥɕեɕ)ɕ)1ٕ)=ѥ镐$ձɔѥս+$M͕٥ѽѥ)ɽٕ+$IͬЁѥѥ) ѥս)=Ʌѥ)ɵѕ́ѡɽ՝ѡ+$!ɕ)ɝѥ)ɥхѥ$iɼݹѥ嵕+$%хɅՍɔ+$ѥٕ䁕ɍɕͥ䁉)ɍɕ)ɔ Q@́5ɥ55ɥ(Q!=AA1H10