The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2017 - Page 61

even 20,000 virtual machines and beyond in the public cloud. Without contin- uous protection of the assets, against a standard governance framework, the hygiene of the platform drops and costs run out of control. The name of the game is speed of continuous control. That means a set of services and practices that are the culmination of industry best practices, constantly updated, will keep your systems healthy. Why is it important for speed? Consider releasing an automated build of a RHEL stack for your developer community. It may be one stack of 20 you have through a simple orchestration web portal. Within 3 weeks, you have 150 environments using the RHEL stack. How do you know that they are being consumed in a safe way? How do you make sure that the developers have not taken it upon themselves to change the VPCs, the tagging methodology, and the users and roles? To date, we at CTP know of over 1,000 controls that can be enforced through API calls, most with follow-on automated remediation. Continuous controls and cost management are the holy grail of agility in the cloud. Why Going Fast Matters Going fast in the cloud is about teaching your teams to adopt processes and technologies that are not common in today’s enterprise IT universe. We’re going from a waterfall process to one that enables iteration on infrastructure code. And when code is the platform for innovation, we have the opportunity to run significantly faster than ever before. On a good day, this is a difficult process. Faced with the prospect of job elimination, downsizing, or complete wipeout of a way of life, we feel caught in the headlight of an oncoming train. Change of this magnitude is hard – no one makes this shift easily. Adopting the Cloud Kickstart framework is not for everyone. We know that many of our financial services clients will want to unders tand WHY we choose the specific vendors and why we recommend a prescriptive process for many of the procedures we recommend. This is expected. However, even our hard- est-to-please clients are able to accelerate their cloud program by leveraging many of the components of Cloud Kickstart. To learn more about how to accelerate your journey to the cloud in 6 weeks, visit FALL 2017 | THE DOPPLER | 59