The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2017 - Page 59

gives options for data protection and features for scalability and availability when implementing key management at enterprise scale. Why is it important for speed? The combination of processes and technology must be sorted out before launching any services. Without the automation to process the data, the cloud program goes nowhere. The KMS best practices are a collection of proven options that key management put together, based on a number of successful client engagements in the financial services industry. Use of these best prac- tices will avoid the lengthy and expensive learning exercise thereby achieving objectives faster and cheaper. #7 – Backup / Snapshots Standards What is it? Just as data is backed up in the traditional on-premise world, it has to be backed up for the cloud workloads too. The practices and approaches used in the past will not suffice for cloud environments. Using off-cloud tools is like tying an anchor to your cloud boat, and hoping you’re still able to sail away. Why is it important for speed? An MVC Backup / Snapshot uses proven, highly scalable, highly resilient tools and processes that avoid time consuming, costly, and risky learning exercises and the use of expensive third-party tools, thereby achieving objectives faster with less expense and risk. #8 – Virtual Networking Best Practices What is it? Built in code, and key to an agile framework, virtual networking is the logical isolation of resources via software-defined networks. All three major public cloud providers offer software defined networking. However, the proven mod- els and software best practices are not common knowledge within the network engineering groups of the on-premise world. Developing, testing, and releas- ing SDN code in the public cloud is often a huge mind shift for IT groups. Rarely have we engaged a team who was ready to build and manage their networking model – especially one so critical to the success of a cloud program. Why is it important for speed? The MVC networking model is based on client best practices in highly regu- lated environments such as financial services. They are built using software, managed under the strict release processes of software projects and tested in real-time for errors and vulnerabilities. Without this knowledge up front, and built into the project cycle of your cloud before you start, you’re running the risk of cloud failure. Better to learn the best practices now. FALL 2017 | THE DOPPLER | 57