The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2017 - Page 55

Going fast in the cloud is about teaching your teams to adopt processes and technologies that are not common in today’s enterprise IT universe. Agility is the new business currency, and the number one enabler of technol- ogy speed is automated infrastructure. Developers can provision every opera- tional support feature necessary to release their application - in code. The staggering speeds by which systems are deployed have literally reshaped our industry - never to return in shape or form. Agility means the ability to move quickly and easily. For many, the approaching storm of cloud computing is anything but quick and easy. The vast array of technology choices and their implications often stop decision-makers in their tracks. Then, the goal of agility is lost in IT paralysis of “not wanting to make a bad decision.” An Alternative – Build on a Proven Platform A key tenet of CTP’s methodology is a Minimum Viable Cloud or MVC. Leverag- ing the Lean Startup model, we iterate with our clients on their core cloud platform, adding more and more capabilities to the technology as the client is able to absorb them. Some of the capabilities required in the final production environments are often too large of a bite for an enterprise. The technical knowledge, processes and people required to design, build, and deploy highly scalable, highly available, and secure environments require significant invest- ment that many organizations are not in the position to make. If time is critical and you want to accelerate the value of cloud, then Cloud Kickstart is nirvana. Cloud Kickstart is a software-defined cloud platform that executes in AWS or Azure, and provides the core services required to effec- tively and safely run applica