The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2017 - Page 44

Why Cloud is Making Computing at the Edge Relevant Again David Linthicum Edge computing isn’t new, but it’s cloud element that gives you the abil- ity to leverage edge systems as if they were centralized makes all of the difference. It’s been a common problem for years. If you gather large amounts of data from a device or other source, and you need to process that data instantly, then moving it to a centralized database each and every time introduces latency. 42 | THE DOPPLER | FALL 2017 IoT must deal with this issue time and again. For example, say there is a machine on a factory floor that analyzes the quality of an auto part that it makes. If the part is not up to specification, as determined by an optical scanner, then it’s automatically rejected. While this keeps a human from looking at the part, and thus slowing down the process, it also takes a great deal of time. The system must transmit the data and image back to the centralized database and com- pute engine where a determination is made as to the success of the manufacturing process. Then the results are communicated back to the machine.