The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2017 - Page 3

The Doppler Effect When I think about “Go Big on Cloud - Bigger, Faster, and in Control”, I can’t help but think about the cliches from late night; paid television programs promising bigger muscles in 7 minutes or perfectly cooked food without stick- ing. Somewhere between a perfectly shaped body and agility is the prom- ised land of cloud adoption. Agility is the new business currency. The WHY of cloud is agility. For some, agility means survival while for others it means prosperity. No one likes living in reaction mode, therefore, going big on cloud is a mandate. It’s about own- ing your destiny and having the cour- age to chart a new course. Moving fast is now the mantra of every business unit and central enterprise IT group worldwide. Cloud native appli- cations enable small, scrappy teams to compete head to head with established multi-billion dollar enterprises, often resulting in complete disruption of their well-defended markets. Without the burden of legacy people, processes, and technology, the born-in-the-cloud team will do more, in less time, and for significantly less money. Crossing the Bridge How do you walk over a bridge which never existed before and trust that the other side will deliver the promise of agility? It’s a hard problem, but one that needs to be addressed — else the smaller, more nimble born-in-the- cloud software teams will eat you for lunch. If you think this phase of tech- nology will pass and you’ll retreat to the tried-and-true on-premise model, well that ship has sailed. The bar has been raised — the new currency of business is agility. So when we speak of going big on cloud, we are referring to the adoption of attitudes and actions that enable the business to move at speed while controlling risk. Going big is a leadership construct that requires a vision unlike any other vision. We must see what is possible and lead our teams to the goal - cloud makes much of it possible. Going big on cloud is also a mandate of technology. Similar to, but much larger than the PC and Internet movements, the cloud — specifically automated infrastructure — is now the baseline. The achievement of agility is, in part, through the adoption of clear and pre- scriptive processes and technology. In this edition of the Doppler, we pres- ent industry best-practices that have proven to be accelerators to cloud adoption. Whether it's a Minimum Via- ble Cloud (MVC), containers, security, or DevOps, you’ll find straight forward advice and examples of how leaders are Going Big on Cloud. Hope to meet up with you on the journey! Robert Christiansen VP, Professional Services and Innovation FALL 2017 | THE DOPPLER | 1