The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2017 - Page 25

organizations today are opting to build their own data catalogs, using standard tools and APIs with the intention of moving to a commercial product when the right one becomes available. Cloud Platform Solutions – The cloud platform vendors see the need for this centralization of data and metadata and offer their own implementations, these can both facilitate migration to public cloud and simplify what needs to be custom built. AWS offers this service with the AWS Glue Data Catalog 2 , and Azure through the Microsoft Azure Data Catalog 3 . Effective data-driven organizations require powerful collaboration and consis- tency in policy enforcement. Data catalogs provide that centralized function- ality for ensuring all teams have visibility into available data, described in a way that is easy to consume, and centrally managed against corporate data gover- nance policies. Deployment of data catalogs is not a one-time implementation, but an evolution to continue to add new functionality, prioritized by the needs of business users. 1 why-you-cant-be-data-driven-without-a-data-catalog/#39a2f6864510 2 AWS Glue Data Catalog - 3 Azure Data Catalog - FALL 2017 | THE DOPPLER | 23