The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2017 - Page 22

Data Catalog Consumers Different Personas, Different Needs Data Engineers Data Scientists Build and maintain processing architectures, data storage and data catalogs Need wide-ranging access to data Work with security to implement access control Need freedom to explore, impatient with impediments Need full access to data (at least periodically) Need a range of tools to use as they see fit Get the answers they need by creatively using diverse tool sets Figure 1: Data Catalog Consumers Data catalogs can be deployed in one of two organizational models: Policy – “you must” – This model focuses on organizational policies that require compliance and punish departments and individuals who do not com- ply with data governance policies. This model is most effective in top-down organizations where staff are accustomed to centralized policy management and accepting of the decision process to bestow policy upon them. Give to get – “you will be rewarded” – This model is targeted at self-or- ganizing organizations where collaboration is used to ensure compliance. This model focuses on building trust between teams. If they put their data sets into Master Data Data Lineage Business Glossary Data Quality Classification Data Catalog (metadata) Data Licensing Enterprise Data Storage Figure 2: Data Catalog and Contextual Data Governance Tools 20 | THE DOPPLER | FALL 2017