The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2017 - Page 19

Workshop 2-3 days Assess & Plan 30-45 days Advisory Services Build 60-90 days/iterative Migrate 12-24+ months Operate ongoing Implementation Services Figure 2: Security Efforts During CTP’s Cloud Adoption Program lously improved this process over the last several years. When the engagement is done, the client has a functional cloud that serves as a secure foundation for their future AWS state. Our focus on security is pervasive throughout the entire cloud adoption lifecy- cle. We always start with education and awareness (advisory services), before we move into the hands-on implementation but the education never stops. We help, educate, advise, and guide our clients on all security-related concepts throughout their journey. If I had to map security practice work to our Cloud Adoption Program phases, it would look something like Figure 2. As you can see, our advisory process continues throughout the engagement but gets smaller because we help our clients acquire the necessary skills and awareness along the way. The Conclusion Security is ever-evolving, and whether on-premise or on the cloud, it’s not easy! An argument could be made that security on the cloud is often even bet- ter than that of its on-premise siblings. Why? Because going to the cloud makes you understand your objectives, identify all possible risks and issues, establish proper baselines (often in greenfield), and implement the necessary tools and procedures to address those risks. That is by far a more secure process than blindly relying on protection in your data center just because…it’s yours. Don’t let misconceptions about cloud security affect the quality of your sleep. If you’re still nervous or don’t know where to start, give us a call. We would be happy to help. To get started on your security assessment, visit FALL 2017 | THE DOPPLER | 17