The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2017 - Page 12

How to Secure Your AWS Environment Alexey Gerasimov CTP’s prescriptive approach to ensure a safe and secure cloud adoption journey to AWS. The Landscape Cloud seems to be all the rage these days and everyone wants to be there. At the same time, there are still a significant number of enterprises that are either very concerned about security in the cloud or not fully aware of all of the capa- bilities that cloud vendors provide. Cloud security concerns are very real, and they should be. After all, practically every day we read another article about some cyber-attack, data leak, DDOS attack, or credit-card data and identity theft. To add to that, cloud is still rela- tively new compared to decades of us running and securing our own data centers . The Myth We have all heard that Cloud is not secure. Or a variation of that theme. “Cloud is less secure than my own data center,” echoes down many hallways. This myth has been debunked a number of times already but it’s worth repeating again that this is just plain not true! Your cloud environment is as secure as you make it. If you leave your front door open, it’s not the door manufacturer’s or locksmith’s fault. It’s yours! Sure, if you are a company that needs to ensure that nobody can access your super secret data stored on a super secret computer, not connected to any- thing and located behind triple walls with biometric security and guards at each entrance, then yes, cloud might not address your requirements. For the most of us, that is not the case. 10 | THE DOPPLER | FALL 2017