The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2017 - Page 10

In many ways you could say that IT + OT = IoT Raw data on its own is just that — for example, a giant table of temperature readings recorded every second that say 107 degrees. Not very useful on its own. Cer- tainly a blip that suddenly shows 200 degrees and then returns back to 107 degrees might be a concern, or it could be a false positive. But what happens if 107 becomes 130 for a few hours or is trending upward? In general, the answer requires looking across the data to determine what it means. In other words, deriving context from the data. And now that the four-walled barriers between fac- tory floors are coming down, we are beginning to see the migration of both historical and real-time data to the cloud for analysis -- which in turn will enable bet- ter maintenance predictions in the future. And all those years or d XY\و8'\]x'H[Z\[[H]H\ܚX[Y[HXY\\Y[[BY \H]\[[H YYX]H[[^KYX]HXZ[[[H\H\[]HY[B\X]Y][\[\HX\]Hو]™]K\[[HZ[XX[HX\[[B]\\]H۝^ [[X\][\Z[ B\\]Y]\X[ؘX[]K[XZ[XB[Y[][ۜۈ[\[HX][B\XYYܙH۝[YH\ˈۙHوHܙX]\\Z]Y\Y\Y[ۈقR[ۈHXܞH܈܈X[ۈ[H\\YۈX\]Hۘ\ [[ۙH[Y[X\^]K]H[YH[YK\H\HXX[ۘ\]\˜\Yۈ][KHTS M]]ۛ^H[۝