The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2016 - Page 84

Is there still a business case for private cloud? A discussion with Rackspace CTO, John Engates and Navica CEO, Bernard Golden, moderated by Cloud Technology Partners SVP, David Linthicum. Listen to the full podcast at In 2013, we saw many CTP clients using OpenStack based tools for their private cloud initiatives. Fast forward to 2016 and public cloud is 3.5x the size of private cloud adoption, according to a Wikibon report. As more features and functions are released by the public cloud providers, enterprises are rightfully asking where the private cloud business case exists anymore. Despite the increasing popularity of public cloud’s on-demand, pay-per-use model, private cloud still has a place in the enterprise, and its adoption continues to grow across platforms. There remains legitimate reasons to own and manage your own technology infrastructure, and private clouds bring some of the benefits of cloud principles to such data center deployments. David Linthicum, SVP of Cloud Technology Partners, sat down with private cloud proponent John Engates, and private cloud skeptic Bernard Golden to moderate a discussion around the future of private cloud and its business value in it is dynamic landscape. Meet our discussion contributors John Engates, CTO Racksapce John joined Rackspace in August 2000, managing data center operations and customer-service teams. Today, he is active in extending Rackspace’s fanatical support to clouds like AWS and Microsoft Azure and 82 | THE DOPPLER | FALL 2016 supporting OpenStack private cloud for customers all over the world. John is also an internationally recognized cloud computing expert and a sought-after speaker at technology conferences, including CA World, the Goldman Sachs Techtonics Conference and Cloud Expo. He speaks on the future of cloud computing, enterprise cloud adoption, data center efficiency, green data center best practices and more. Bernard Golden, CEO, Navica Named by as one of the 10 most influential people in cloud computing, Bernard has extensive experience working with organizations to help them adopt and integrate cloud computing effectively. Bernard serves as VP of strategy for ActiveState Software and as CEO and founder of Navica. He is the author of four books on virtualization, cloud computing and AWS topics and a regular contributor to CIO magazine. His work has also been published by the Harvard Business Review and The New York Times. David Linthicum: What is the business case for private cloud and where is it best applied? Bernard Golden: The business case for private cloud is typically centered around an IT organization that has constraints on a particular set of solutions that preclude the use of a public cloud environment. It may be that they have compliance requirements, or they’re located in a geography that insists data not be