The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2016 - Page 80

• Specific cost advantages can be achieved by targeting different cloud providers with different workloads As we begin to make the transition from a single cloud platform to multiple ones, several areas of consideration are key to ensuring scalability, stability and operational excellence. These include: Architecture, Operations, Vendor Management and Third-Party Tooling. Each of these categories will have unique requirements for staffing, planning and investment ahead of a multi-cloud adoption, to ensure continued acceleration in the successful adoption of IT resources. Architecture Architectural changes will be required to support multiple cloud platforms. The most important decision to be made early in the adoption process is the level of portability targeted between providers, versus the need for specialized, advanced capabilities only available on some providers’ platforms. The MVC (Minimum Viable Cloud) is an important concept when defining the functional requirements and technical implementations for an organization’s use of public cloud providers. Functional MVC requirements should stay uniform across all cloud deployments, providing a consistent level of capability in multicloud deployments. The MVC technical implementation will then vary based on provider capabilities and specific architectural implementations. As the use of multiple cloud vendors matures, the MVC will mature to add additional functionality. The goal with multi-cloud deployments is consistency across vendors, with equivalent connectivity and access, allowing staff to fully utilize the unique capabilities any vendor may provide. Figure 1 shows the common elements that go into building an MVC and a typical phased approach for assessment and implementation. Phase 1 Assessments Phase 2 Build MVC Applications Networking Security VPC Economics Accounts CloudOps Tools DevOps IAM/Security Infrastructure Automation Encryption Image Management Logging Monitoring Storage Figure 1: MVC Definition & Phased Rollout 78 | THE DOPPLER | FALL 2016 Minimum Viable Cloud