The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2016 - Page 78

Adopting a Multi-Cloud Strategy Joey Jablonski As organizations move beyond their initial cloud deployments and application migrations, many are looking to diversify into a multi-cloud strategy to enable teams to access specialized capabilities available from different providers. The shift to multi-cloud adoption for supporting IaaS and PaaS capabilities is a critical milestone that an organization must evaluate, plan for and ensure they can take on the additional operational burden and skill set requirements. Many organizations have already adopted different cloud providers through the use of SaaS offerings. This paper will focus on the organizational adoption of cloud platforms supporting IaaS and PaaS, commonly used to migrate infrastructure and applications from traditional data centers. The three most common players in this cloud platform space are AWS, Azure and Google. Initial cloud deployments typically focused on leveraging a single cloud platform. This early simplicity allowed organizations to build up their operational capabilities with a cloud-centric model, without the added strain of training multiple sets of new skills across the enterprise. This single cloud approach also made choosing third-party software much simpler, since there was a lack of multi-cloud support in many early third-party products. Organizations also used this single vendor approach to provide leverage in contract negotiations to gain cost advantages for first-movers. Once an organization has established its cloud presence and built an operational model around cloud based applications, it commonly looks to expand to additional cloud platforms to diversify the capabilities available to its teams. Some of the most common triggers to adding platforms are: • Specialized application teams require a capability that is unique to one cloud provider • Security and governance posture is mature enough to support a second provider • The organization’s Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC) is clearly defined to enable like-for-like functionality and protections across cloud platforms 76 | THE DOPPLER | FALL 2016