The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2016 - Page 77

Portfolio Assessment Factory Workbenches Destination REHOST REPLATFORM Applications REFACTOR REPLACE RETIRE Replace -- Replacing applications is more complex and very dependent on the business unit or application owners. However, the Replace Workbench is required in the event that the total data center footprint is eliminated. Retain -- Unless you have a zero-footprint goal, you will likely have to retain some portion of your application estate. At that time, it is really about ‘end of life’ scenarios and how you plan to decommission the platform. The challenge is not how to retain the applications, but how will the cloud based applications engage with the retained applications? Often the retained applications are centers of gravity. They are huge databases and legacy systems that have hundreds of connections to other services. If you are consolidating data centers and nee [ݙH\H\X][ۜܝ[]H\^Y\XقۛX[ۜ\H؈وH]Z[ܚؙ[ ][]\Z[YX\X][ۜ[[ݙHHY H]\BY[\ۛY[ X\H][\\H\][ۜXZ]HH\X][ۜ\H[][ۈH[U[[]HZYܘ][ۈ[K\\HY \ܚ\]HXܞH\X\X][ۈZYܘ][ۈ H]]\\]Z\HH]^Hو[[܈U \H[HXYH][[\Y[]X]]O“X\[ܙHX]H8&\\X\XYY[ۂ[\X][ۈZYܘ][ۈ]HYY[ۈܘ[KY K\S MHT B