The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2016 - Page 71

Selecting the Right First Mover This is not a hard task. Your first mover has to involve all stakeholders. Here are some of the criteria we suggest when selecting the first app: Data - Select an app with PII classified data. Make sure that it is sensitive and matters to the enterprise. You want security, GRC and others to take notice that you are moving privileged data to the public cloud. Small Footprint - Keep the number of workloads (VMs) and data to a small footprint. Your first mover does not have to be large and complex. You’re exercising the organization, not the power of the cloud. Volunteers - Select a team that wants to go to the cloud. Why punish yourself with a team that is uncooperative? Make sure they understand the critical nature of the first mover and gain their approval early. Success is Near Your successful cloud adoption is driven by the cooperation of all the stakeholders. You need to select them early on. Learn what their objections are and deal with them now, so you do not have to cross that bridge later when you’re trying to gain speed. Pick an important app. Pick an app that touches all parts of the organization. Everyone is watching. Make it count. FALL 2016 | THE DOPPLER | 69